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How much do you know about food and beverages?

Question 1
On which continent did Broccoli originate?
Question 2
What is a chuto?
Question 3
Where was the globe artichoke first cultivated?
Question 4
Crown caps for bottles were first made from what?
Question 5
Hector Boiardi was Chef Boyardee. He also catered which president's wedding to Edith Galt in 1915?
Question 6
Which winery is not a publicly traded company?
Question 7
If you ordered "Unagi no kimo" in a Japanese restaurant, what would you get served?
Question 8
Which fruit is not a citrus fruit?
Question 9
What company created the "Fig Newton" in 1891?
Question 10
Where did Pilsner beer originate?
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