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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which word is a preposition?
Question 2
For what baseball team does author Stephen King root?
Question 3
Who becomes the new queen at the end of "Bridge to Terabithia"?
Question 4
Who wrote the book "Cosmos"?
Question 5
What was the name of Paul Bunyan's ox?
Question 6
Which of the following is the female protagonist of the young adult science fiction "Divergent" trilogy?
Question 7
On what street do Anne Rice's "Mayfair Witches" live?
Question 8
What is the name of the main character in Stephen King's "Gerald's Game?
Question 9
The 1974 book titled "The Killer, Angels" was written by?
Question 10
Professor Snape is head of which house at Hogwarts?
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