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Who or what am I?

Question 1
What is musician Freddie Mercury's real name?
Question 2
Who said, "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."?
Question 3
I was hired as the first Commissioner of Baseball after the Black Sox Scandal in 1919, who am I?
Question 4
I was the astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission who didn't get to walk on the Moon, who am I?
Question 5
Which Ian is the singer and frontman for Echo & The Bunnymen?
Question 6
I got pulled up on stage and danced with Bruce Springsteen in his video "Dancin' in the Dark", who am I?
Question 7
Dimitri Shostakovich is known for being which one of the following?
Question 8
What is the main sacred text of Christianity?
Question 9
What is a spool-like toy attached to one end of a string upon which it may be made to spin up and down?
Question 10
What is the study of word origins called?
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