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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Who was the 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' according to the single in 1984?
Question 2
Who is the person that 50 Cent had a problem with?
Question 3
By whom was Egyptian singer Karim Adam's first song written?
Question 4
Where can the crosses be found in the Paul Simon song 'The Obvious Child"?
Question 5
Finish the title of Queens of the Stone Age's 2000 song: "Feel Good Hit ______".
Question 6
What song has the line, "What's in the darkness, must be revealed to light"?
Question 7
Which band sang the title track to the film "Weird Science"?
Question 8
Who is a founding member of Weather Report?
Question 9
On what TV show was Park Overall a regular cast member?
Question 10
Who composed the opera "Così fan Tutte"?
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