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In 1848, German missionaries Johannes Rebmann and Johann Ludwig Krapf reported a snow-capped mountain 3 degrees south of the equator. For the next decade, the idea was ridiculed, but it does exist. What is it?
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Unsurprisingly, where is radio station KENO?
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At 1,050 feet, or 321 m, the highest point in what "Low Country" is Vaalserberg Hill, also called Mount Vaals?
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What country's Three Gorges Dam holds back so much water that the weight of it literally tilts the earth's axis nearly an inch?
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In which city, Canada's capital, does a five-mile stretch of canal become the world's longest skating rink each winter?
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Found on the Churan River, what waterfall is known in Venezuela as Salten Churan Meru?
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What country stretches 6000 miles from east to west, and 2800 miles from north to south?
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The world's highest capital city is La Paz, and it is one of two capital cities in which country?
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What is the only country to have a US state named for it?
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What "Big Island" is the southernmost of Hawaii's eight main islands?

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