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What country blamed the Aswan High Dam for an outbreak of schistosomiasis, since the dam stopped droughts that once stopped the disease?
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Possibly intending it as a joke, who is credited with first suggesting daylight saving time in the 1780s?
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As the name suggests, what kind of lamp is filled with such gasses as iodine and bromine?
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In a navy, what does a destroyer typically destroy?
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Unless you're reading this in 2017, the last total eclipse of the sun visible in the United States was in 1991. Where?
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What colorful scale is measured with the Forel-Ule scale?
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Vermillion, a reddish orange pigment, once came from what mercury ore, found near volcanoes and hot springs?
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Now-extinct aurochs have also been recreated genetically. What food might you have made with auroch?
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Hiro Nakamura and Nightcrawler would be impressed. They didn't even need Harry Potter's Floo Network. What did physicists apparently do to a photon's quantum state in 1998?
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Running from 1959 to 1963, which of these NASA missions came first?

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