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Movies Quiz

Question 1
How many Dalmatians were there in 101 Dalmations?
Question 2
Which singer divorced from British film director Guy Ritchie in 2008?
Question 3
Who wrote the music and lyrics for the movie Ghostbusters?
Question 4
In what motel is Janet Leigh killed in the movie Psycho?
Question 5
Who links the films Trading Places and Shrek and the Spice Girl Mel B?
Question 6
Who starred in the film 'Enigma' (2001)?
Question 7
Who starred in the 2005 version of The Longest Yard?
Question 8
Which is not one of Sacha Baron Cohen's characters?
Question 9
Who directed the 1998 black and white psychological thriller that follows a paranoid mathematician in his search for a mysterious 216-digit number?
Question 10
Who do we need to talk about in the book and the movie?
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